Diving and ROV Services

Through our alliance partners and subsidiary Hyprops Marine Limited,  and with safety as a core value, we are able to provide  services covering the following scopes:
Inspection Maintenance & Repair Services


ROV Services
With Oceaneering Services Nigeria Limited as our alliance partner, where HNL has a 40% ownership stake, we are positioned to provide  the following services.


Surface Diving Services (Air/Nitox/Mixed Gas)
HNL operates complete surface demand diving systems suitable for air, nitrox and mixed gas diving operations. Systems in operations range from:

Saturation Diving Services
HNL operates modular saturation diving systems which can be deployed onboard vessels or installation barges.

Subsea Engineering Services
With the use of Engrypac/ ULO Systems LLC  (USA) technology, and ULO trained indigenous personnel we can provide the following services: