Supply Chain Management and Oil and Gas Sector Logistics Support Services

We are set up to manage the entire supply chain for projects through vendor evaluations, materials sourcing and expediting, transportation, storage and the management of associated local logistics by working with project teams to identify materials required at various phases of projects and placing relevant orders to bring the materials in stock at the most appropriate times in support of such projects.

Our global procurement network promotes project cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of materials, equipment, and services for our clients. Hyprops’ inventory management organization similarly interfaces with client project teams to ensure that materials are delivered where they are required at the right time on such projects. We have long standing experience in the sourcing, procurement, expediting and delivery of valves, clamps, compressors, OCTGs etc.

In a continuous effort to improve the quality of our services to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, Hyprops has formed strategic alliances with key OEMs such as Sauer Compressors (Compressors), Samkang M & T (Structural Pipes), Aquamation Inc. (Skid Mounted Process Units), and Veri Inc. (Flow Meters and Virgo Valves) in order to provide a unique value proposition combining the significant capability of Hyprops in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

The services that are provided by this unique combination are: