Our Operations and Maintenance specialist services cover every aspect of operations and maintenance, from construction and commissioning to eventual decommissioning. We offer turn-key services across the life-cycle of a facility within the oil, gas and power industries.

Our Offering

We provide the following services:

Oil & Gas Facilities Management

  • Plant Rehabilitation
  • Scaffolding Services
  • Inspection Services
  • Painting and Coating Services
  • Grit Blasting
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Corrosion Control Services

Procurement and Inventory Management

In many organizations today, there exists a constant internal struggle between Materials Management and Maintenance/Operations regarding MRO items including supplies, parts, capital, and critical spares. At Hyprops, we are capable of maintaining high levels and large number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) on site in order to ensure that equipment could be serviced and repaired on moments noticed. Key items we provide procurement and inventory management services for are:
Pipe Fittings

Diving and ROV Services

Through our alliance partners and subsidiary Hyprops Marine Limited, and with safety as a core value, we are able to provide services covering the following scopes:
Inspection Maintenance & Repair Services
Offshore Structures & Floating Assets
Subsea structures
Seabed Infrastructure
Quay walls jetties and buoys
Locks, dams and pumping stations
Harbor Infrastructure
ROV Services
With Oceaneering Services Nigeria Limited as our alliance partner, where HNL has a 40% ownership stake, we are positioned to provide the following services.
ROV systems such as the Magnum Plus Work class Rov, the Millennium Plus Work class ROV, the Maxximum ROV, the Spectrum ROV, and the Sea Maxx Satellite ROV. All Oceaneering ROVs are designed, built and maintained by Oceaneering International. Each ROV comes with its own set of spares.
Hyprops/Oceaneering ROV personnel are the best trained in the industry. Oceaneering International, Inc. opened the world’s first Work-Class ROV Training Center in 1996. Expanding far beyond the original site in Morgan City, Louisiana, full training centers with simulators are also located in Norway, Scotland, Brazil, and Indonesia. Several Nigerians have participated in these training programmes at all levels, ensuring indigenous capacity is thoroughly developed.
Surface Diving Services (Air/Nitrox/Mixed Gas)
HNL operates complete surface demand diving systems suitable for air, nitrox and mixed gas diving operations. Systems in operations range from:
Permanent systems onboard our Dive Support Vessel
Containerized systems
Daughter Crafts
Saturation Diving Services
HNL operates modular saturation diving systems which can be deployed onboard vessels or installation barges.
Subsea Engineering Services
With the use of Engrypac/ ULO Systems LLC (USA) technology, and ULO trained indigenous personnel we can provide the following services:
Pipeline Integrity Management services
High Voltage Subsea cable maintenance


Hyprops undertakes Electrical and Instrumentation, Mechanical and Civil Maintenance works.
Electrical & Instrumentation Services
Instrumentation, Control and Automation of Loading System, Power Management System, Electrical Facilities Upgrades, Equipment Systems Earthing, HV/LV Design and Installation.
Mechanical Construction Services
Platform Revamp and Upgrade, Surfer Landing Construction, Flow Line Replacement, Spools Fabrication, General Fabrication and Hook Ups, Deck Extensions.
Civil Construction Services
Industrial & Office Buildings, Processing Facilities, Warehouses, Structural Maintenance and Upgrade, Structural Integrity Checks and Assessment.

Local Content, Global Standards

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