Hyprops Nigeria Limited boasts of one of the best track records for indigenous Nigerian companies engaged in the provision of integrated manpower support services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Our client list and the size and complexity of work undertaken has grown rapidly over the last few years.We are increasingly focusing on small to medium scale operators who are largely uninhibited by Joint Venture Partnerships with the Government and other regulations and who are still in the development phases of their asset management lifecycle.  Our business development strategies are driven by a need to drastically reduce the proportion of our annual earnings that is based on the outcome of competitive bid processes. We also similarly seek to leverage strategic alliances and subcontractor relationships as a means of entering into new client relationships, reducing our direct dependence on the bid process. Our current client list consist of but is not limited to the following:

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Hyprops is constantly focused on seeking out opportunities for growth and advancement. Find out about our journey so far.