Hyprops Nigeria Limited, through its subsidiary, Hyprops Marine Services Limited, provides wide ranging Vessel Management and associated tools and support to Clients Operating Shallow to Deepwater Assets in Nigeria and Ghana. Our Services target different phases of the Oil and Gas Value Chain and Consist of the following:

  • Air Diving Services
  • Saturation Diving Services
  • Provision of Diving Support Vessels
  • Provision of Technical Support

Rhino 750 EHD Boat

The new Rhino 750 EHD Boat is a powerful high-speed craft designed for heavy offshore use. It is lighter, faster and dryer, with a significantly increased deck-space, and is an excellent and effective workboat. It has 400 mm HDPE pipe sponson collars. These 13 mm thick sponsons have seven sealed compartments, each filled with polystyrene foam rendering the craft as virtually unsinkable, as well as providing a heavy-duty fender for cushioning high impact loads.
The hull is filled with closed cell foam and complies with IMO safety requirements. The craft has three stainless steel reinforced lifting pad-eyes which are fully embedded into the hull/sponsons. The Rhino 750 HD is a very robust and easily maneuverable craft.
Its standard features include bench seating with up-stand gunnels, fuel tank storage under a cross seat, bow storage lockers, polypropylene side grab lines, mooring cleats, additional pad-eyes and connecting points and scupper flaps for the self-draining deck. The sponsons are fitted with a 20 mm fender strake.

The craft offers a spacious deck space and an impressive payload!! Inclusive of Sealed Buoyancy
Compartments, and a Max Personnel of 12 + 1.
Payload: 2.4 Te

Description: Rugged workboat with optional scuba replacement package and diving accessories.


  • Provision of offshore support vessels to floating oil and gas production, storage, and unloading units
  • Towage, anchoring, and positioning of offshore assets.
  • Provision of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and associated tools
  • Ship Repairs & Dry Docking
  • Vessel Chartering and Management


MV Melody moored to the SPM for routine maintenance

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) of offshore / subsea assets
  • Mooring
  • Risers, Umbilicals, Manifolds, Flowlines
  • Life Extension Work on Aging Offshore Assets
  • Corrosion Management
  • Subsea Pipeline Inspection using ROVs
  • Subsea Pipeline Inspection using ROVs
  • Subsea Pipeline Repair
  • Asset Integrity Services
  • Diving Support Services
  • Provision of Communications Solutions
  • Asset Tracking
  • Underwater Survey and Mapping Services
  • Dredging
  • Pipe Recovery, On-site machining and cutting
  • Production String Recovery
  • BOP intervention and Control Systems
  • Subsea Valves-Hydraulic Directional Control Valves (HCV), Subsea Control Units, Rotary Control Valves and Chemical Injection Throttle Valves (CTV)
  • Riserless Well Intervention Services
  • Subsea Pig Launchers and Risers
  • Flow Assurance Services
  • Installation, Workover and Control Systems (IWOCS)


  • The Seaeye Falcon is a powerful observation and inspection ROV, ideally suited for both offshore and inshore applications.

  • It features five powerful thrusters that provide precise control and maintain a stable platform in strong currents and turbulent waters. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it easy to transport with quick setup for rapid deployment.

  • Its addon unique 5 function manipulator skid gives excellent dexterity with its small arm and greatly enhances the operational capability of Falcon ROV. It is ideally suited to retrieval and salvage work as well as sample collection.

Specifications – Falcon System

  • Vehicle unit with five SI-MCT01 brushless DC thrusters (4 vectored horizontals and 1 vertical)
  • Colour video camera, tilt platform and tilt feedback system
  • Automatic heading & depth system
  • Navigational solid state compass and integral solid state rate sensor
  • Two dimmable LED lamps
  • 14kg payload
  • Surface Control Unit c/w a 22” colour High Brightness Removable Monitor
  • Surface power supply unit
  • Hand Control Unit
  • iCoN Configuable Video Overlay system
  • NMEA Input/Output (data export) feature as standard
  • Internal Recorder (20hrs standard video)

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