Hyprops Nigeria Limited has a Strategic Alliance Partnership with HCS CONTROL SYSTEMS LIMITED (“HCS”), a UK-Company that specializes in the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of equipment such as direct hydraulic production systems, installation and workover (IWOCS) systems, subsea distribution units.

Hydrasun – Fluid Control Solutions

Hydrasun is a recognised market leader in the provision of integrated fluid transfer, power and control solutions. We are focused on supporting the energy transition through our work in the oil and gas, renewable energy, general industrial and marine industries worldwide.

Tesla NanoCoatings

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc. was founded as the brainchild of an entrepreneur trained in petroleum engineering and geology who dreamed of winning the ages-old war against metal corrosion, who today is driving the effort to bring Teslan to the rescue for all who fight the costly battles against steel corrosion in the oil and gas, military, transportation, bridges and highways, construction and other critical applications.


Founded in 1988, Lokring Technology is a privately held international company headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio that serves over 30 countries worldwide.
Lokring designs patented, cold-work, weld equivalent pipe and tube fittings such as couplings, flanges, elbows, adapters, and more. The unique technology of the patented Lokring fittings utilize Elastic Strain Preload (ESP), and possesses a metal to metal leak-free seal that compresses or swages the pipe/tube wall.

COLD-PAD - Seal bonded solutions

Cold Pad provides durable composite bonding & fastening solutions to facilitate structural maintenance, retrofit & upgrade operations while reducing OPEX by eradicating associated costs. Cold Pad delivers unique, safe, painless, and non-intrusive cold works with limitless applications for all steel and concrete structures, in power generation, offshore wind turbines, shipping and Oil & Gas storage facilities.


Founded in 1996, KPS provides automated liquid sampling systems for the Oil & Gas industry. Their patented design uses an innovative balanced pressure design and endurable materials to cope with wear/abrasion from primarily solids. The design especially copes with wear of the moving parts causing premature leaking of the sampler.

Furthermore possible leakages to the environment or back into the sample line are prevented by making use of specially designed sealant system. Together with a properly designed and build sampling system involving pipeline mixing, sample grab checking and counting, sample volume measurement and flow measurement, performance monitoring is guaranteed assuring a representative quantitative measurement system.

Sponge-jet® INC. - clean, dry, low-dust, reusable abrasive blasting solutions

Sponge-Jet stands out as a cutting-edge technology designed for surface preparation encompassing cleaning, decontamination, and surface profiling across diverse industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding, and construction. This innovative method employs a low-dust, dry, abrasive blasting process, utilizing small, sponge-like particles to effectively clean, decontaminate and profile surfaces.
The Sponge-Jet process involves propelling Sponge Media - which are abrasive particles encapsulated in a sponge-like material - at a surface using a blast machine. The sponge material compresses upon impact, releasing the abrasive particles to clean and profile the surface. After the abrasive particles have done their work, the sponge material expands, capturing and removing the dust and debris generated during the process.


AquaMation Process Equipment, LLC was founded in 1998. Aquamation engineers and constructs innovative skid-mounted process equipment and industrial water treatment solutions for the petrochemical and oil & gas industries. Equipment that we build includes liquid metering systems, gas metering systems, pump sets, separators, filters, knock out drums, heater treaters, water treatment, and large PLC based control systems. 

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